No two stones are exactly alike. Whether carved from alabaster, soapstone or limestone, I work with the stone as it presents its nuances to get the best from the stone.

Types of Stone


Soapstone/talc/steatite is a beautiful stone that comes in a variety of color combinations including black. Most soapstone is suitable for indoor display only, however, black soapstone may be displayed outdoors.


Alabaster is found all over the world. Karen works in alabaster from Utah, Colorado and Italy. It varies in color from a translucent orange to a white, pink, pale orange or red with varying veins of black, gray or green. It is suitable for indoor display only.


Indiana Limestone (also known as Bedford limestone) is a light gray stone (sometimes available in yellow). This stone is VERY suitable for indoor and outdoor display (for use in landscaping, gardens, etc.).


Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of re-crystalized carbonate materials such as calcite or dolomite. I describe it as limestone that “cooked” longer, under more pressure while forming.