Repair & Restoration

Karen provides repair and restoration services to collectors whose sculpture has become damaged. Contact Karen for a review of the damaged sculpture.

She will  provide a cost estimate for restoring the sculpture as close to its original condition as possible.

Types of Stone Karen Repairs/Restores

Karen is experienced in sculpting, repairing and restoring soapstone, alabaster, Indiana limestone and marble. She does not work in granite for safety reasons.

RESTORATION PROJECT: Reconnect legs to body of figure

The collector of this aged alabaster sculpture (created by another artist) contacted Karen when the legs of this figure broke off in a move.


In the review process, Karen shared with the owner her concerns:

1. The weight of the body may prevent the ability to stabilize the legs.

2. There’s always a chance an unstable flaw in the stone may exist and as she drills into the legs to install reinforcing pins, the stone may crack and fail.


The legs were reconnected successfully and the client was pleased with the results.

RESTORATION PROJECT: Complete and restore previous artist’s sculpture


The client for this “restoration” asked Karen to complete an abstract sculpture his late mother started back in the 1970’s.


Karen reviewed the piece for cracks and potential flaws that could cause a break in the piece. She pointed out these areas to the client before carving and finishing. With the client’s approval, Karen expanded the holes in the piece a bit more with some additional carving. Then, she polished, finished and mounted the abstract onto a marble base.


The client was very pleased to see the piece his mother started completed.