About Karen

Karen Terhune: Hand-carved sculpture

About Karen

I am Karen Terhune (a.k.a. Crazy Rock Lady) a Shepherdsville, Kentucky-based artist. I create sculpture primarily in limestone, alabaster, soapstone, and marble. You’ll find my art is both representational and abstract in female and feline themes. It ranges in size from tabletop to life-sized works.


From the first rock I carved as a student at Bellarmine College (now Bellarmine University) in Louisville, Kentucky, I knew I found my medium. As a student, I furthered my knowledge and craft working as an apprentice to artist Bob Lockhart. Following graduation, I began carving professionally.


The Female and The Feline

The female figure has been a theme in my work since the beginning. Sometimes my work is abstracted and sometimes more real with a goal to carve a figure that captures a specific emotion or moment.


My pure abstract pieces are free form works. I attempt to create a feeling of movement throughout the stone. The shapes I use have an organic feel and look.


Felines have been a theme since 1996 after finding myself owned by a couple of cats in 1994. They began to influence my work and eventually became a dominant theme in many garden sculptures (limestone). The cats, like the female sculptures, are never realistically detailed, but are real enough to convey a certain “catness” or emotion.


The idea of combining the two themes was born out of a quote by E.V. Lucas seen on a pet calendar, “Every cat is the most beautiful woman in the room.”

Sculpture Carved by Hand

All my work is mostly carved by hand using (in-line air) hammers and chistles.

Finishing and polishing is all by hand. I work ”inside and outside” the stone. For me, this creates interest with a fluid movement that allows the viewer to travel through the stone.


Shows and Awards

I have participated in one-woman and group shows throughout the state of Kentucky.


Most of my work is sold independently through regional art fairs and shows, purchased or commissioned for private collections and public exhibits alike in Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia and Virginia.


I have received numerous awards including purchase awards of my sculpture.

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